Features Overview

To get ahead of the competition in today’s market you have to not only be more advanced than your competitor but also more productive and think outside of the box. Here at GPS Explorer we pride ourselves on doing just that with our line of extensive features that will give you the tools to run a successful business.

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Vehicle Tracking

Be aware, stay up to date and learn to react quickly to changing circumstances.

Unprecedented level of control allows you to monitor your vehicle’s exact location in real time as well as the speed, direction and its status.

  • Vehicle Details
  • Driver Details
  • Vehicle Status (Moving, Idle or Stop)
  • Current Speed
  • Longitude & Latitude

Fleet Tracking

Oversee your fleet’s activities and make every area of your operation more efficient.

Keep track of your fleet to maximize your workforce and productivity whilst lowering your cost and increasing your revenue. With Fleet Tracking you always know exactly where your employees and vehicles are 24/7 allowing you to have a better understanding and management of your fleet.

  • Reduce idle time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Driver Behavior Management
  • Reduce unsafe driving
  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Maximize Revenue


Compare and monitor daily performance and activities of each vehicle or an entire fleet.

Improve efficiency and reduce operation cost, with GPS Explorer’s detailed records and reports that display the daily activities of individual vehicles and even your entire fleet.

All report data will be stored on our servers for a certain period of time allowing you to review reports at your leisure.

  • Daily Activities Report
  • Track Daily Travel History
  • Speeding Report


Tier based access system allowing for different levels of access when viewing reports and tracking vehicles.

GPS Explorer employs a user friendly interface to help you manage your vehicles, fleets and drivers without hassle. By creating an Administrator account you can directly control what users can access and even set up sub accounts with unique usernames and passwords for your workforce.

  • Role-Based Access
  • Easier Fleet Management
  • Increase Productivity


Classify and save locations that are essential to you or your business.

Creating a landmark on your map allows for an easier way to locate areas that you frequently visit. Instantly create new landmarks from a vehicle’s location or simply select them from anywhere on the map.

  • Quicker Access
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Response Time


Keep track on what goes in or out of your boundaries

Geofences allow you to set a custom radius boundary that will notify you via email when your vehicle enters or leaves this area.

Geofences are a great way to discourage theft or monitor the locations of your fleet and can be created by either dragging the radius bar over your chosen area or entering the boundary range from a particular point on the map.

  • 24x7 Real-time Alerts via email & SMS
  • Discourage Theft
  • Monitor your Workforce
  • Secure your Assets at any time