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Whilst others might think that GPS Tracking is simply about knowing the location of your vehicle, here at GPS Explorer we believe that GPS should be much more than a simple tracking solution.

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We understand that our customers all have different wants and needs which require a different set of solutions in order to cater for a wide variety of demands. Taking into consideration the sweeping diversity of our clientele we have three distinct services each with own advantages to give you the best service possible.

If you have questions on our levels of service and what is offered in each solution, please contact our Sales Agents to discuss in detail.

Standard Solution Plan Personal Business Enterprise
Web-based Map
Real-time Traffic Data
Daily Vehicle Records
Landmarks & Geofences
Fleet Overview
Find the Closest Vehicle
Customer Support
Max Devices Connection Limited More Negotiable
Max Users 1 admin 1 admin +
Unlimited staff
Data Queries Limited All Negotiable
Data History 6 months 1 year Negotiable