What’s in the box?

GPS Explorer is more than just a tracking solution.
It’s far reaching, encompassing features are specially designed to run your road to success.

24x7 Online Workspace

Riding in advance and popular internet technology always, our GPS tracking system provides fast and reliable access. We give you the ability to keep track of your account anytime of the day at any day of the week.

Only the best and total internet service offering just for you.

GPSE Mobile

Experience real time monitoring from anywhere at anytime. Even if you are always on the Go, we will make sure you have control over your device wherever and whenever you need it.

Portable GPS Trackers

Our device is guaranteed easy to use, accessible, and durable. Keeping it plain and simple but assuring the highest quality you can get for what you pay.

On-site Installation

We provide a nationwide installation service taking into consideration your availability and other preferences. Once mechanically installed, powered and connected, field tests are performed to make sure everything works well.

We assure the highest quality in the service we provide.

Cellular Data

All in one pack. We make sure that once you get your device installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything even the smallest bit of pieces that will complete your tracker.

No need to worry about another contract from a telecom company, we got it all covered for you without worrying about extra costs.

Quick Start Guide

Simple and basic instructions designed to introduce new users to the fundamentals of using and having control of your device. The user documentation, if properly written, can provide a gentle and efficient way of bringing the up to speed.

In today’s busy world, where people need to absorb information as efficiently as possible, the lack of quality documentation can be nothing short of disastrous.

Product Tour

Our goal is to provide you with the smoothest possible user experience so you can save time and money. This is why we have outlined guides on how to introduce you to customize and control your account from your desktop and even to your mobile phones.

Our Support

Customers’ needs come first, we guarantee that you will get all the help you need at any time no matter how small it is. We are committed not only to solving your immediate problem, but also to helping you get the most from what you pay.